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TO GO Creme brulee

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Т8 TO GO functional food is an energy protein mixture based on pea protein, MCT oil and coconut milk. The product is designed to maintain protein and energy balance, to replenish organs and systems with vitamins and minerals while adhering to the LCHF diet and an active lifestyle.

Use of Т8 TO GO:

  1. It saturates the body with essential amino acids
  2. It promotes muscle building and replenishes post-workout energy
  3. It replaces 1 full intake of protein food and is absorbed by 98%
  4. It is suitable for those who adhere to LCHF nutrition, including vegetarians, allergy sufferers

T8 TO GO is a turnkey solution for maintaining protein, energy balance and vitamins for those who adhere to the LCHF eating style and are actively involved in physical activity.

Each serving contains 20 g of protein, which is the key to preventing muscle loss during an active workout or the keto protocol.

What is T8 TO GO?

Each 50 g of the product contains 20 g of pure pea protein, healthy fats in the form of MCT oil, a natural and multicomponent prebiotic enriched with trace elements, and a complex of 17 vitamins and minerals.

Balanced composition of T8 TO GO:  

  1. MCT oil is the main source of ketones. It means that it is an instant source of energy for our mitochondria.
  2. Pea protein contains all 9 essential amino acids that are essential for fast and healthy muscle growth. It is a high-quality pure protein with a 98% absorption rate.
  3. Multicomponent prebiotic. Dietary fibre is essential for optimizing healthy microbiota in the small intestine, which will aid in better absorption of pea protein.
  4. Vitamin complex. It is essential as an additional source of vitamins and minerals for success and maintaining a healthy body. T8 TO GO contains a daily dose of vitamins to help you realize the full benefits of a low-carb eating style.

T8 TO GO is an excellent source of plant-based protein and is suitable for LCHF nutritionists, vegetarians, vegans, athletes and anyone who needs additional protein in their daily diet.

How to use:
Mix 50 g of the mixture (4 scoops) with 200 g of water, shake in a shaker until smooth and let it brew for a few minutes.

Composition: pea protein (isolate), coconut powder, erythritol, Mascarpone cheese powder, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), coconut fat, carrageenan, rice protein, yoghurt powder, vanillin, chicory, β-cyclodextrin, Thixogum S complex food supplement, Floracia soluble dietary fiber (acacia gum, fructooligosaccharides of chicory, Fibregum soluble dietary fiber acacia gum, vanilla-cream flavor, food salt, magnesium bisglycinate, zinc lactate, selexene (selenium), chromium picolinate, (vitamin C - 76 mg, vitamin A - 0.6 mg, vitamin D3 - 10.8 mcg, vitamin E - 5.4 mg, B1 - 0.43 mg, B2 - 0.56 mg, B6 - 0.42 mg, B12 - 1 μg, K1 - 42 μg, vitamin B3 (PP) - 2.42 mg, B9 - 40 μg, pantothenic acid B5 - 2.77 mg, biotin - 0.013 mg).

Nutritional value 1 serving (50 g of dry product) 100 g of dry product
Proteins 20,6 g 41,2 g
Fats 8,9 g 17,7 g
Carbohydrates 3,7 g 7,4 g
Energy value, kcal 177,1 354,2

The product has 2 flavours: chocolate and creme brulee.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.

Net weight: 700 g

One package included 14 servings.

Shelf life: 24 months

No product quality assessment has been carried out by the European Medicines Agency and the FDA.
It is not designed for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases.