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T8 Drops — drops for correcting the pH balance of water.

What are T8 Drops?
A product that optimizes the alkaline environment of the body. 2 drops only of T8 Drops adjust instantly the pH balance of the water you drink.

Why to choose T8 Drops?

  • Express method for alkalizing water in 2 seconds,
  • Only 2 drops are needed to maintain the health of the body,
  • They contain a key element – potassium hydroxide, a mineral with the highest acid-base balance (pH) in nature,
  • Compactness. They are convenient to take with you on a trip, to the office, to a cafe, restaurant, etc.
  • They are convenient to use. The set with the bottle of drops includes 10 pH test strips at once.

How do T8 Drops work?
A balanced complex of potassium carbonate, potassium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate helps to optimize the internal environment of the body, creating conditions for maintaining the acid-base state of the blood and all fluids within the physiological norm. This combination of active ingredients in T8 Drops provides the body's buffering systems with additional potential to regulate the body's pH balance.

What happens inside if the water balance in the body is disturbed:

  • At the blood level, the structure of all proteins changes (which means their function decreases)
  • When the pH balance in the blood is imbalanced, an imbalance in the pH inside the cell occurs, which disrupts the functioning of mitochondria.
  • In case of disruption of the mitochondria, the production of ATP is disrupted
  • There is less energy, which means that proteins in the blood work less.

How do T8 DROPS affect mitochondria?

To keep the mitochondria functioning properly in every cell of the body, a person needs to maintain and regulate the correct pH balance of the blood.

  • Т8 DROPS is an affordable way to regulate blood pH balance.
  • They help to restore the pH-balance of drinking water, thereby maintaining the optimal pH-balance of the main fluids of the human body.
  • It promotes the functioning of the body's systems to naturally regulate the pH level of the blood.

What are T8 Drops for?

  • To promote the restoration of pH balance in the case of deviations,
  • To maintain the optimal pH balance of the main body fluids,
  • To create conditions for additional intake of minerals: Ca, Mg, Ag, Si,
  • To provide additional buffering bases to regulate pH balance,
  • To strengthen the skeletal system and maintain healthy joints.

Administration and dosage of T8 Drops:
Add 2 drops to a glass each time you drink water. Drops must be added immediately before use, do not boil.

Additional recommendations for use:

  1. When traveling, use T8 Drops with the water you drink, especially if its quality is in doubt.
  2. For a cosmetic effect. If you are prone to allergic skin manifestations, do not tolerate even the most delicate soap, or the skin is constantly irritated after shaving: stir 1-2 drops of T8 Drops in a glass of water and wipe or rinse the skin with this solution.

The T8 DROPS package includes 10 pH test strips.

Composition: distilled water, potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate (or sodium bicarbonate), potassium hydroxide, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, colloidal silver, colloidal silicon.

Volume: 15 ml.

Expiration date: 1 year.