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Т8 Blend

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Country of production: Russia

T8 Blend is a combination of SibXP®Complex and the juice of the best six taiga berries. Youth cell cocktail T8 Blend is a product that gives you vigour, great mood and incomparable pleasure from the rich bouquet of taste and aroma! It is а perfect choice for the whole family.

  • The basis of the cocktail SibXP®Complex is supplemented and enhanced by the best six taiga berry juices:

  • Honeysuckle strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, cleanses the body of slag and toxins

  • Bilberries protect from free radicals, improve our eyesight and memory

  • Sea buckthorn combats stress, bad mood and fatigue

  • Cranberries tone you up, improve our mental and physical activity

  • Blueberries slow the cell aging process and conduce skin regeneration

  • Cowberries strengthen our blood vessels and improve metabolism

Direct extraction and gentle treatment help to preserve the authentic taste and aroma of the berries as well as all the valuable nutrients that they contain.

Effect Т8 Blend:

  • Restores energy exchange, boosting the formation of energy in cells

  • Improves mental and physical performance and memory

  • Combats stress, betters our mood, protects from depression

  • Enhances natural antioxidant defenses of our body and slows the aging process

  • Improves the appearance and the internal condition of the skin and hair, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, combats the age-related changes

  • Strengthens the heart and blood vessels , normalizes functioning of the liver

  • Strengthens the nervous system, protects nerve cells from damage

  • Strengthens the immune system, helps fight seasonal colds and infectious diseases

  • Improves hormones and the reproductive function

Drink the Youth cell cocktail T8 Blend undiluted or slightly diluted in water, add to your tea or other drinks, mix it with fermented dairy products, such as cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt, turning them into fragrant and healthy delicacies with the extraordinary taiga taste. Experiment with flavours and simply enjoy!

*Attention! The drink must not be hot!

Сapacity: 750 ml. Daily consumption: 30 ml.

Calorie table
The nutritional value (in 100 ml. product) 1 portion (30 ml.)
polyprenols 43,3 mg. (concentration 85%) 13 mg. (100% от РСП*)
maltol 65,33 mg. 19,6 mg.
Phenolic acids 8 mg. (in terms of gallic acid) 2,4 mg.
Vitamin C 81,84 mg. 24,5 mg.
Vitamin E 1 mg. 0,3 mg.
Iron 4,9 mg. 1,5 mg.
Potassium 99,58 mg. 29,9 mg.
Calcium 18,12 mg. 5,4 mg.
Phosphorus 22,29 mg. 6,7 mg.
Flavonoids 2,66 mg. 0,8 mg.
Magnesium 15,54 mg. 4,7 mg.
Proteins 0 gm. 0
Fats 0gm 0
Carbohydrates 9 gm. 2,7 gm.
Energy value 36 kcal/153 kJ 10,8 kcal/45,9 kJ
    *recommended daily consumption