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T8 Teo

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Do you want to know a secret of beauty and fitness? Try our new product Т8 TEO. Т8 TEO is your personal assistant in weight loss and beautiful body issues! You will like its delightful raspberry taste. And it's convenient to use in any situation.

Deal with challenges in a simple and convenient format!

The New Product has all necessary effects:

  • Allays the feeling of hunger and decreases appetite
  • Decreases absorption of fats and carbohydrates
  • Has an anti-oxidative effect
  • Has a tonic effect
  • Has a general strengthening effect

Simple and convenient. It gives understandable results.

Note: taking into account  the individual characteristics of the body, diet, sports activities and  individual factors, VILAVI does not guarantee 100% weight loss result.

Ingredients: soy fibre, pectin, chia flour, bran flax, beet juice, erythritol, arabic gum, guarana extract, zeolite, tartaric acid, lactulose, raspberry flavoring matter, chitosan, hoodia gordonii extract, nettle extract, bitter orange skin axtract, humic substances complex,  sucralose, garcinia gummi-gutta extract, gynostemma extract, coleus forskohlii extract, FulXP complex.

Storage: store in a well-ventilated dry place at 0 to +25°C and relative air humidity of not more than 70%
Period of validity: 2 years

Recommended use: dissolve 1 packet (8 g.) in a glass of home temperature water and mix intensively. The drink is ready. Drink 30 minutes before a meal.

42 sachets in 1 box T8 TEO