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ViROMA набор с кулоном

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T8 ViROMA is a set with aroma pendant and natural protective concentrate against viruses and bacteria.

The set consists of:

  • T8 ViROMA concentrate (5 ml)
  • Metal aroma pendant
  • Replaceable filters (5 pieces)

T8 ViROMA – 100% natural protective concentrate.

  • Helps to stimulate immunity
  • Strengthens internal body protection
  • Recovers after colds
  • Has antiseptic effect up to 8 hours

Aroma pendant is a universal protection on a decorative basis with a point (narrowly targeted) nature of the effect.

A few drops of T8 ViROMA concentrate placed into the pendant give a pleasant aroma and reliable protection against negative environmental influences. It has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect, creates an invisible protective barrier against viruses and bacteria for up to 8 hours. And the shape of aroma pendant is a signature bump for those in the know.

Active components:

  • Abies extract — disinfects indoor air. Immunostimulant,
  • Pine extract — has mitigating effect on the respiratory organs,
  • Picea extract — improves immunity,
  • Cedarwood extract — has tonic and antioxidant effects,
  • Ledum extract — has antimicrobial effect.

Composition: fir extract, Pine extractum, Picea abies, Kedrum extract, Ledum.

Instructions for use: add 3-4 drops (into the filter), insert the replaceable filter into the aroma pendant and wear on the neck.


  • Not for internal use!
  • Should not be used by individual intolerance of the components
  • Avoid contact of the concentrate with skin, eyes, respiratory passages, mucous membranes
  • Use carefully on clothes, may stain.

Storage conditions:
Store in dry place and away from sunlight at a temperature from 4 degrees to 25 degrees. Keep out of the reach of children.

Expiry date of the concentrate: 18 months